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Previously to Iberia there was Asgard, a band created in 1984. The official birth of Iberia was in December 1986 with Francisco Landum (guitar), João Sérgio (bass), João Alexandre (vocals) and Toninho (guitar), soon joined by Tony C. (drums) a few months later.

On the 31st of January 1987, the band ended the recording of their first demos with the tracks “Warriors”, “Hollywood” and “Lady in Black”. An intense promotion gave them a quickly recognition by the Portuguese press, including TV stations. In December they sign a record deal with Discossete for 2 albums.

The first single “Hollywood”/”Feels Like Love” is released at the 29th of April 1988, followed in December by their self-titled debut album. Several shows (including one at the Coliseu) and TV appearances gave notoriety to the band in the Portuguese scene. All changes for the band worldwide when, on the 20th of January 1989, Tommy Vance from BBC Radio One played their songs at “The Friday Rock Show”, being the first Portuguese band to achieve that status. This fact boosted the promotion of the album with more TV appearances, exclusive interviews in national newspapers and awards as best debut album and best live rock band. .


Meanwhile, Francisco Landum started playing with Da Vinci, who represented Portugal in Eurovision Contest in 1989. Before the final in Switzerland, the guitarist had a terrible accident, being replaced by the other Iberia’s guitarist Toninho. The next months were terrible for the band: João Alexandre is forced to join the Portuguese Army in May, Tony Cê leaved the band and Francisco Landum decided to play with Da Vinci in full-time.

Besides all these setbacks, the band started recording their new album in December with João Alexandre (vocals and guitar), João Sérgio (bass), Toninho (guitar) and new drummer Tony Duarte. The album «Heroes of the Wasteland» is released on the 25th of April 1990 and in October Toninho leaves the band and Tony Duarte was fired. To replace them entered two former Braindead members: Vasco Vaz (guitar) and Marco Franco (drums). The promotion of the album continues in 1991 with more TV appearances, recording of the video clip for the song «Mexico» and the show at “Sim à Vida” Festival with Steve Harris’ British Lions. Several line-up problems and the end of the deal with their label left Iberia in a dormant state. They started to sing in Portuguese, recording the demo “Sismo” in 1993. But the musical environment was not good for a hard rock band and in 1996 the band decided to stop.


In 2008, Francisco Landum and João Sérgio decided to re-release the two album in digipack. Meanwhile a new line-up starts rehearsing with longtime members João Sérgio and Toninho being joined by Miguel Freitas (vocals), Jorge Sousa (guitar) and David Sequeira (drums). The return show was on the 6th of June 2009, at In Live Cafe. After the release of the remastered digipacks, Iberia starts playing live (heading Festirock Festival in Montijo, for example) and preparing new songs.

Iberia start the recording of the new album in 2010, with some distinguished guests as Fernando Ribeiro and Ricardo Amorim from Moonspell. The third album “Revolution” is released in 2011, being promoted by Avantegarde Management. The video clip for «Angel» is presented, with enormous success in social media.

The three most important bands of the Portuguese 80’s metal scene, Iberia, Tarantula and Alkateya, joined to play two successful gigs in Lisbon and Porto, calling this event «Lusitania Old School». In the end of 2012, Iberia plays with W.A.S.P. at Campo Pequeno (Lisbon) and soon after headlined the Tattoo Rock Fest at Pavilhão Atlântico (Lisboa).

In 2013, Miguel Freitas and David Sequeira leave the band for personal reasons and for vocals the choice for replacement was Hugo Soares, previously in Ethereal and Artworx. The debut of Hugo Soares was at the Santa Maria Metal Fest in June 2013.

Despite not having an official drummer, the band records the single «Living a Lie», releasing a lyric video clip. A second edition of «Lusitania Old School» had the same fantastic reactions.

In 2015 Iberia continue preparing the new album but Toninho had to leave the band for personal reasons, being replaced by Hugo Lopes (Artworx). Meanwhile David Sequeira returns to the drums. The following year Iberia played several gigs and in December start recording their fourth album Wrecords Studios with Wilson Silva (More Than A Thousand).


In 2017 they signed a record deal with Raising Legends and on the 28th of April the album «Much Higher Than A Hope» was released with a show at RCA Club.  


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